/ Inductor variable con cazoleta roscada

Fig.15 Inductor variable con cazoleta roscada

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  • Thank you for stopping by and leinvag a comment. I always appreciate the opportunity for honest discussion with my peers. I am sure you’ll agree that there are different branches of astrology, Natal, Electional, Mundane, Horary, all employ different methods and only one of them, Natal is based on the rules you state. If you notice, the charts I used were event charts, not her birth chart. This is a common and accepted practice in Forensic astrology. Forensic astrology is based on horary techniques. For those who don’t know, horary charts are set for the time of a question. Forensic astrology takes by extension, last seen charts.I thought I was quite clear on the methods I used, working backward from reported last seen charts to look for trigger events. The concept of trigger events are not new in astrology. Predictions of future events are based on trigger events, such as a transiting planet hitting a progressed or natal planet. If this concept is valid, then it is certainly valid to look backward to see what occurred in the past. Mundane astrologers do it all the time.As to Lisa’s parents, I will admit to editorializing a bit when I stated that they appear to be more concerned about their interests than their child’s. I am not alone in this opinion. Any astrologer can be wrong, and certainly I am not right all the time. Time will tell the whole story, one truly hopes. However, I stand by my astrological opinions until time or circumstance proves me to be wrong. You are, of course, welcome to your opinions.Namaste,Beth

    David (30/4/2012 11:08) CHILE