/ Voltimetro de 0 a 1V clase 5%

Fig.8 Voltimetro de 0 a 1V clase 5%

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  • Todd Salamone of Schaeffers Research indicated this monnirg that the SPX 500 put/call ratio is the lowest in two years and that the equity put/call ratio is the lowest since February 2007. He also mentioned that the SPX index 50-day moving average is quickly declining and that resistance exists at the 900 level in this index. The VIX cash index was outlined since it closed below its 20-day historical volatility, which has been a bearish signal for the past few months. The FOMC makes a decision on interest rates this Tuesday and GS reports earnings on this day. These factors may provide a bearish bias for the the stock markets in the early part of this week. The impact of any federal funding decisions for the domestic automobile manufacturers should add impact to the December options expirations week.

    Ram (30/9/2012 0:58) AUSTRIA