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  • Hola.Me gustaría recibir información sobre el curso online

    Román (7/4/2012 3:39) SPAIN

  • I got a 32GB at J’ville after a tip off in the Lambton Quay queue. at least one person at J’ville got a pre-pay I bevelie, though I thought the rue was account only on this batch.I’m sort of anti-climactic now, wondering why I bothered. yes the screen is better than my 3GS, which was better than my 3G, but it isn’t night and day. All the iPhone users in the office who have handled it agree with me that it isn’t so nice in the hand (but I’ll get used to it). It looks taller and narrower (but it isn’t) and the thinness isn’t obvious in the hand. It feels denser somehow.I managed to get it to drop from 4 bars to searching’ by gripping it the wrong way for 30 seconds or so, so there is a signal issue.Overall I’m not disappointed, but really it’s $499 I didn’t need to spend. I’m still far more impressed by my iPad a week after getting it than the iPhone 4(FenC has made 3 comments)

    Acun (2/10/2012 3:37)